Currently we are not taking any more bookings/surveying this year due to a high demand for our services, this will resume in March 2022. Please give us an email if you are still interested next year! 

We are a family run business based in Portsmouth and have years of experience in providing extensive loft conversion and loft extension services.


We pride ourselves on achieving the very highest standards of workmanship and have had many satisfied customers. We would be more than happy to provide recommendations from our previous customers, including examples of our spacious loft conversions and loft extensions.

It is always our intention to create the maximum usable space for our customers. Our knowledge and experience of working with the types of property within the Portsmouth, Fareham and bedhampton area places us in an excellent position to know how this can best be achieved.
Our commitment to you is that we always promise to continue a project from the start date to the completion date, without interruptions. The only exception to this is weekends. We only employ trustworthy, reliable and experienced trades-people who take a great pride in their work.

Our policy is to carry out all of the works in a safe and sensitive manner so that the least amount of disruption and inconvenience is caused to the household. All of our trades-people are respectful and courteous and will always work closely with you to give the very best in customer service.
We comply with building regulations and all structural work is inspected and approved by building inspectors.
If you would like further information about our company or previous work, please contact us.



The way in which we operate our business is to ensure both employees and customers are happy, all payments to employees are operated on a weekly basis and we will send these trade payments to customers every Monday, this email will contain payments for materials made in the previous week.


These material payments are made by the customer directly to the suppliers in which customers will recieve a text message explaining what each individual payment is for, the amount to pay, the suppliers contact number and the person who is processing the payment. We use the same few suppliers all the time, so it is an easy process.


The weekly email will also contain payments details to the individual trades invloved, trades payments will be paid directly into the individuals bank accounts on a weekly basis. Trades payments will be required after each week. The trades work from approximately 8am until about 5pm, Monday to Friday, so every week the customer is aware of how much of the project budget has been used.





Mark Stanley

Director of Copnor Loft Conversions

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